By Melanie Fincher

Save time and space this Thanksgiving.

If you’re looking to save yourself cooking time, oven and stovetop space, and cleanup time this Thanksgiving, let me introduce you to everyone’s favorite kitchen time-saver otherwise known as the Instant Pot. Or maybe you’re already very familiar with this mighty multi-cooker, and you’d like to put yours to the ultimate test: Thanksgiving. Well, you’ve come to the right place. Each of these festive Instant Pot side dishes make a great addition to any Thanksgiving table. The best part? They’re ready in an hour or less start to finish and they dirty up just one pot. Simply set your Instant Pot and forget about it while you turn your attention to the turkey. Make your sides the stars of the show with these 21 Instant Pot Thanksgiving side dishes.

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1. Instant Pot Roasted Brussels Sprouts | Ready in 26 Minutes

Brussels sprouts are the fall harvest vegetable you need at your Thanksgiving table. This simple recipe makes that possible in just 26 minutes. Reviewer Dona Moyer Long says,”They were amazing. Just like roasted in much less time.”

VIDEO: Instant Pot Roasted Brussels Sprouts


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2. Best Instant Pot Scalloped Potatoes | Ready in 35 Minutes

Scalloped potatoes are always a crowd-pleaser, and this Instant Pot version is a serious time-saver as well. Reviewer SZQ1 says, “Nice flavors in this recipe and a time-saver instead of baking the potatoes for an hour in the oven! My husband enjoyed these too and asked for the recipe to be a repeat!”

Best Instant Pot® Scalloped Potatoes

Photo by SZYQ1

3. Instant Pot Sweet Acorn Squash | Ready in 27 Minutes

This eye-catching winter squash recipe makes an elegant addition to any Thanksgiving table. Acorn squash is drizzled with maple syrup, butter, and cinnamon and then cooked in the pressure cooker. Reviewer Pamela Romines says, “What a fantastic time saver…Since the skins peeled off easily, it stirred easily into a creamy side dish. I’ve never served it that way before, and we really enjoyed it tremendously!”

Photo by bd.weld

4. Instant Pot Creamed Corn | Ready in 10 Minutes

Recipe creator thedailygourmet says, “The use of an Instant Pot® allows you to make amazing creamed corn without anything from a can. Although the goal of this recipe is to use fresh corn, frozen corn may be used if thawed and drained.”

Photo by thedailygourmet

5. Instant Pot Candied Sweet Potatoes | Ready in 30 Minutes

Use your Instant Pot or pressure cooker for quickly candied sweet potatoes. Reviewer Chef Mo says, “Super simple and very quick to make. Great treat for a sweet side dish.”

Photo by Chef Mo

6. Instant Pot Green Bean Casserole | Ready in 45 Minutes

Recipe creator Soup Loving Nicole says, “Save oven space this holiday season by letting your Instant Pot® do some of the work. This recipe uses fresh green beans and homemade soup for a healthier take on a classic.” Try this Instant Pot variation of a classic Thanksgiving side dish.

Photo by Soup Loving Nicole

7. Instant Pot Traditional Dressing | Ready in 55 Minutes

Reviewer Buckwheat Queen says, “This is a delicious and super efficient recipe. I made this twice at Thanksgiving and it has secured a place at the Christmas table.” Save yourself some oven space with this quick recipe that will please all the traditionalists at your gathering.

Photo by bd.weld

8. Instant Pot Orange-Ginger Carrots | Ready in 35 Minutes

Recipe creator Bren says this recipe has a predominantly orange flavor with just a hint of ginger. It’ll be a refreshing change of pace among all the hearty casseroles.

Photo by lutzflcat

9. Instant Pot Keto Green Beans | Ready in 35 Minutes

Green beans are tossed with bacon and pecans in this delightfully simple dish packed with Southern flavor.

Photo by thedailygourmet

10. Instant Pot Collard Greens | Ready in 55 Minutes

While collards might not be your idea of a Thanksgiving side dish, this soul food classic makes a great green addition to your spread. This dish can easily be flavored and seasoned to your liking.

Photo by Diana71

11. Instant Pot Leek Mashed Potatoes | Ready in 55 Minutes

Recipe creator Bren says, “A little something different from traditional mashed potatoes, for the Instant Pot®. The leeks add a very mild onion-y flavor. Enjoy!” Reviewer Soup Loving Nicole said these made great leftovers, so do yourself a favor and go ahead and double this recipe.

Photo by Soup Loving Nicole

12. Instant Pot Sausage Dressing | Ready in 40 Minutes

For those who prefer a chunkier, sausage dressing this Instant Pot variation is ready in just 40 minutes! Recipe creator Soup Loving Nicole says, “Save yourself oven space and some hassle this holiday season by letting your Instant Pot® do some of the work for you.”

Photo by Soup Loving Nicole

13. Instant Pot Au Gratin Potatoes | Ready in 35 Minutes

Reviewer Susan Birrell Post says, “This recipe turned out even better than I thought it would; it had the consistency of mashed potatoes with very large chunks. The ultimate comfort food!” Ready in just 35 minutes?! You’ll say goodbye to boxed potatoes for good.

Photo by Soup Loving Nicole

14. Instant Pot Sweet Potato Casserole | Ready in 40 Minutes

An instant twist on a classic. Recipe creator thedailygourmet describes this as, “…a trendier, bistro-type sweet potato casserole cooked in the Instant Pot®.”

Photo by thedailygourmet

15. Instant Pot Garlic Roasted Potatoes | Ready in 37 Minutes

Recipe creator Fioa says, “Soft on the inside and crispy on the outside, these garlic roasted potatoes are simply delicious, and take no time in your Instant Pot®.” It doesn’t get much easier than these golden potatoes bursting with garlicky flavor.

Photo by Fioa

16. Instant Pot Pear-Applesauce | Ready in 38 Minutes

Fall fruit shines in this sweet yet simple side that is the perfect complement to savory meats and casseroles. Recipe creator Buckwheat Queen says, “Apples mixed with pears make a sweet dessert or snack without any added sugar. Using an electric pressure cooker cuts down on time and seals in the nutrition.”

Photo by Buckwheat Queen

17. Instant Pot Mashed Sweet Potatoes | Ready in 30 Minutes

These fluffy mashed sweet potatoes are seasoned with garlic, sea salt, and butter. Recipe creator Angela Sackett Superhotmama says, “Delicious, moist and full of flavor—save the oven and use your Instant Pot® for mashed sweet potatoes!”

Photo by Angela Sackett Superhotmama

18. Instant Pot Prosciutto-Wrapped Asparagus | Ready in 30 Minutes

Bring a little sophistication to your table with this simple side that presents itself beautifully. “This quick, impressive side dish is done in a few minutes with the use of an Instant Pot®. I do not recommend bacon, as it is generally sliced much thicker than prosciutto.”

Photo by thedailygourmet

19. Instant Pot Butternut Squash and Pear Soup | Ready in 1 Hour

The flavors of fall come together in one luxurious soup. “Peeling and chopping butternut squash can be quite a chore, but not using this method! By precooking the squash in your Instant Pot®, the skin will slip right off, allowing you to make this quick and flavorful soup in just minutes,” says recipe creator France C. “The pears add just the perfect amount of sweetness with no need to add in extra sugar. Garnish with a light drizzle of cream to serve.”

Photo by France C

20. Instant Pot Mac and Cheese | Ready in 40 Minutes

Try to serve yourself this mac and cheese just on the side—you’ll want a whole plateful once you get a taste. Recipe creator Michael Beatty says, “Try this quick-and-easy electric pressure cooker macaroni and cheese recipe—let the Instant Pot® do the work.”

Photo by lutzflcat

21. Instant Pot Cherry-Orange Cranberry Sauce | Ready in 30 Minutes

“This cranberry sauce practically makes itself! It’s quick, and you won’t have to keep a constant eye on it,” says recipe creator France C. “Can be made several days ahead of time, will keep for at least a week in the refrigerator, and can even be frozen if needed.”

Photo by France C

22. Instant Pot Pan Juice Gravy | Ready in 10 Minutes

Turn roast turkey pan juices into super speedy gravy with this easy recipe. As written, the recipe says to use beef drippings, but you can substitute turkey drippings. The turkey needs to rest after roasting, so that’s a perfect time to whip up the gravy.

Photo by Tammy Lynn

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